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Easify your Lyo Process with Tempris’ unique Temperature Measurement Sensor Technology

  • Real-Time Product Temperature Monitoring

  • Battery-free, Wireless

  • Automated Sensor Placement in Aseptic Conditions

Tempris sensor in vial
Tempris sensor in vial

From Lab to Production and Commercialization with Tempris

  • Measure your Product Temperature

  • Monitor and Optimize your Freeze-Drying Process with Comparable Data

Real-Time Product Temperature Monitoring

Tempris Real-Time Product Temperature Monitoring

Smart Sensor Technology for all Lyo Scales

Smart Tempris Sensor Technology for all Lyo Scales

Automated Sensor Placement in aseptic Conditions

Automated Tempris Sensor Loading under Aseptic Conditions

Fits all Primary Packaging

Tempris Fits all Primary Packaging

No Heat Transfer to Product

Tempris Lyo Sensor - No Heat Transfer to Product

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Tempris Sensors in fully automated Lyophilization Processes

Measure your product temperature
Monitor and optimize your freeze-drying process with comparable data

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Pioneers in battery-free and wireless Product Temperature Measurement

Tempris Wireless Temperature Sensor for Lyophilization

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Unique benefits for your lyophilization processes in all scales with only one sensor technology.
Battery-free, wireless – no heat transfer to your product, real-time monitoring.

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Our goal is to improve your product quality, process understanding and save on cost.

Tempris, wireless sensor, allows placement of temperature sensors in any location within freeze-dryer. It is also a sensor of choice if product temperature of edge vials is monitored. Tempris sensor is not releasing heat while wired temperature sensors (thermocouples or data loggers) can transfer some heat into the product (very notable for the edge vials), obscuring the actual product temperature. It is especially very important if small fill volume is used when readings of thermocouples and data loggers from the edge vials produce uncertain temperature profiles.


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