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Our Story

We are Tempris, pioneers and leaders in the development and manufacturing of battery free and wireless product temperature measurement sensors in real time monitoring of freeze-drying processes.

Our CEO Anton Mangold started the first sensor development in 2009, he believed that the lyophilization community required innovative technology for real time monitoring of lyophilization processes. Our innovative sensor technology: battery free and wireless, was developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies and universities in Europe and the United States.

Tempris product temperature measurement and monitoring systems are the key to gaining advantage over your competitors, relevant to your lyophilization process. We work in close cooperation with our clients and share our Tempris expertise for optimizing the processes for regulatory submissions and making pharmaceutical production more cost-efficient.

What we want, how we act, what we believe in

Our Core Values

Because goals are best achieved as a team, we have defined core values that define us as Tempris. This way, we all pull together and always keep what’s important to us in mind.

At Tempris, we aim to help shape the future of the freeze-drying process at commercial scale with innovative temperature sensor technologies. “Out of the Box” thinking and the technological and economical optimization of your lyo processes are our DNA.
“Never give up finding the better solution”.

Diversity is not only a matter of course for us, but a real guarantee of success. Everyone at Tempris is unique, exceptional and important. That’s why every opinion counts, and we’re happy to discuss it passionately. Because for us, feedback is the best chance for positive change.

Whether working with candidates or with companies: As a responsible supplier to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and diagnostics industries, we strive for long-term partnerships – with the ambition to achieve outstanding results and to be measured by our successes.

People are always at the centre of everything we do. Open communication at eye level, respect and fairness are therefore the cornerstones of our dealings with each other and with others. This includes finding solutions together and celebrating successes together.

Our Vision

„To become the worldwide leader in battery free and wireless product temperature measurement sensors with real time monitoring in lyophilization processes in the next 5 years with the continuous improvement of our technical solutions and restructuring of structures and processes.“

Our Mission

  • as a German owner-managed company, we stand for trusting and consistent cooperation with our customers, exclusively oriented towards your needs
  • we are operating globally with agencies, distribution partners and professional development partnerships to support you
  • we are technicians and scientists at heart and really understand the lyo temperature management world
  • we provide high quality product temperature measurement and real-time monitoring systems and services for freeze drying processes to help you safely push your limits, protect your costs and your products.
  • we live innovation and continuously improve ourselves and our products for better, more cost-effective and mature solutions on the market.

Our Journey


Meet the Tempris Team

Anton Mangold
Anton MangoldManaging Owner

Tempris Leadership Principles

To create an environment in which all employees can make the most of their potential, we believe in 7 principles of leadership and management. We live these together, always putting people at the center of everything we do.

  • Show respect and trust
  • Actively lead your employees
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Model a willingness to change
  • Drive success ahead of you
  • Be a collaborator
  • Be a leader

GET Lyo Solutions

GET Lyo Solutions
A One-Stop-Shop for Freeze-Drying

GILYOS, Explicat Pharma, and Tempris, three independently operating companies, have formed the strategic alliance GET Lyo Solutions to support your product development, manufacturing and market approval in the field of pharmaceutical freeze-drying.

The members of GET Lyo Solutions are all family-owned, medium-sized companies which are experts in their field and have decades of experience and successful (proven) track records.

The benefit for our customers: a One-Stop-Shop solution using our tremendous network to achieve the desired project goals. Our capabilities range from early development of a drug candidate through it’s market approval.


BENEFIT from our more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical freeze drying, both in an academic and industrial environment.

GILYOS applies the most recent, highly innovative equipment and instrumentation in their laboratories.

OUR PRECISION, quality and solution driven approaches translate into your success.



BENEFIT from a team of comprehensive industrial experience for various galenical developments.

EXPLICAT combines state-of-the-art CMC project management, Quality-by-Design (QbD) approaches and regulatory strategies.



BENEFIT from the only one of its kind developer and manufacturer of truely wireless and battery-free temperature measurement systems for freeze drying.

TEMPRIS is a technology which represents straightforward process analytical technology (PAT) for freeze drying. Tempris can be applied on all sizes of freeze dryers, i.e., from laboratory up to large scale production.


Work with Us – Careers at Tempris

Become part of our team!

We are looking for people who would like to work in a small international team and support us with a lot of passion and commitment in the implementation of our growth strategy. We want you to solve difficult questions, love challenge and not give up immediately if your suggestions don’t turn out to be a solution right away.

We are looking for doers, tinkerers, thinkers, people pleasers, techies.

Curious about this personal and professional adventure at Tempris?

How we work

The pioneering work of our founder and employees leads to the world’s unique battery- and wireless temperature measurement sensor technology and real-time monitoring in freeze-drying processes in Pharma, Biopharma and Diagnostics. Our goal is to continuously improve our products and services to give our customers the competitive advantage to strengthen their market position. For more than 10 years, Tempris has been developing and producing these solutions with partners from industry, science and education with a lot of passion and curiosity. We focus on diversity, internationality, team spirit and flexible working time models.

Experience more

We help you achieve your personal goals.

We do everything we can to ensure that our employees can follow their own individual career paths in line with their ambitions, skills and talents. No matter how unconventional this may be.

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