Event Details

Tempris team is going to exhibit at “Insights in Lyophilization – Science Tour 2018” – in Dublin.

“The Combined Decades of Experience Seminar.”

It is an excellent opportunity to discuss the possibilities of Tempris temperature measuring system in greater detail.

“Each seminar will offer its own unique panel of esteemed presenters with a varied array of topics about fundamentals and special insights into lyophilization processes. Led by Henning Gieseler, Ph.D. and Margit Gieseler, Ph.D., Co-CEOs of GILYOS GmbH, topics will include process development, nucleation control, scale-up of freeze drying cycles, development in lyophilization technology, and more! This educational tour is an inspiring and unique opportunity to gain exclusive insights into the freeze drying industry from the experts.

The Combined Decades of Experience Seminar will include presentations from Dr. Kevin Ward of Biopharma UK, Tim Wenzel, Alexandra Braun, and Adrian Bennis of AMGEN.” – Says SP Scientific about the  Science Tour 2018

For registration and/or more information, please visit the official website. Or contact us.

Looking forward to meeting you there!