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Meet Tempris at LYOTALK USA in San Diego on October 10th and 11th, 2022

Meet Tempris at LYOTALK USA in San Diego on 10th-11th October 2022

Biotrains are delighted to invite you to attend the Lyotalk 2022 USA Conference & Exhibition, which will be held in San Diego on October 10th to 11th, 2022. Lyotalk USA 2022 is a freeze drying/lyophilisation conference that will feature industry experts and thought leaders from the US, UK, Europe and around the world. Topics, case studies and workshops will be presented from all areas of freeze drying such as development, formulation, production, regulation and compliance.

The conference will attract a gathering of thought leaders, professionals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices companies and academia for two days of in-depth discussion on challenges, developments and learning of latest technology in freeze drying. There will be ample of opportunity to build new contacts, networking, meeting old colleagues, discovering new business opportunities and partnerships.

For more information about LYOTALK USA 2022 and for online registration forms, please visit: