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Read in our publication and external technical articles how our solution for real-time product temperature measurement can optimize lyo processes and how it is used in practice.

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Visit the Tempris articles page to access a wealth of information about our products and services. Here, you can find scientific articles and publications related to Tempris, as well as case studies showcasing our solutions in action. Learn how Tempris can help you achieve operational excellence in pharmaceutical production with wireless, battery-free, real-time temperature measurement and process control. Explore our articles page and discover how Tempris can help you improve your processes.

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Tempris Videos

Discover the world of Tempris on our video page. There, you can find a collection of videos that showcase our innovative solutions for real-time product temperature monitoring, hot-and-cold spot recognition in lyophilization, lyo-cycle optimization, and more. Watch presentations by industry expert Dr. Henning Gieseler, which covers topics such as freeze-drying cycles, product defects, and quality, and a comparison between thermocouples and Tempris. Our videos provide valuable insights into product temperature measurement.

Sensor for real-time product temperature measurement

Sensor in Vial with Description
  • Without battery and wires

  • Retrofittable in nearly all every freeze dryers
  • Smart sensor technology for all lyo scales

Tempris fits all Primary Packaging

Five sensors for product temperature measurement inserted in Vials and one dual chamber syringe
  • Dual chamber cartridges DCC (Magazine)

  • Lyo Trays (metal or plastic)

  • Double chamber (DC) syringes

Tempris Services

Tempris Technical Support and Customer Service
  • Maintenance
  • Calibration with Traceability
  • Technical Support