Best Lyo Sensor Ever

Coming in January 2024.

The advancements in sensor manufacturing technology open up a wide range of new possibilities, which we have not left unused. The design of our sensors has been revised, the sensors have been made smaller and various features have been added.

Our new sensor generation has various advantages

  • 20% lower sensor volume
  • Extended range of use for DCC applications
  • Electronic capture for live lyo cycle monitoring
  • Optimized and fit for automation

  • 100% PAT solution for real-time product temperature monitoring and control

  • Optical identification of sensors using a data matrix code
  • Easy automatic placement of sensors
  • Improved positioning for optical detection due to the new design
  • Existing systems can be equipped with the new sensors without additional effort or modifications
  • Single use

Downsized sensors

In response to many customer requests, we have now succeeded in making our new sensor generation smaller than before. This results in a 20% lower displacement volume. This leads to a reduced level difference between vials with and without sensors as well as to less influence on the freezing process in vials equipped with sensors. In addition, the product temperature can now also be measured at even lower fill volumes than before.

Easy handling due to data matrix code

The sensors are provided with a datamatrix code and due to the revised design, they are now rectangular and no longer round, which improves positioning for detection. This allows the sensor ID to be easily scanned and the sensor to be visually identified as well as automatically placed. It also ensures consistent and compliant recording and documentation of all sensors. Due to the traceability and electronic readability thus available, the introduction of a PAT technology is decisively simplified and the basis for 100% automated processes is created.

No further effort and no additional costs

The new sensor generation is compatible with all previous systems and technical devices that have been used to date. No changes of any kind need to be made in order to use the new sensors. Therefore, all advantages and new features are immediately available to you without any additional effort or costs.

Software update

As we are also constantly developing our TLM operating software, we have also released a new update. With the software tools it contains in combination with the new sensors, you will gain full in-process control and an improved reporting function. In the future, this will give you free access to our sensor calibration database with the calibration certificates of your sensors. This way you keep the overview.

The best lyo sensor ever closeup from two sides