Tempris Sensors can be Loaded Fully Automated by Robot

Under aseptic conditions according to GMP Annex 1 to ensure highest saftey level.

Fully Automated Aseptic Sensor Placement by Robot

Fully automated aseptic sensor placement by a robot in accordance with GMP Annex 1 ensures the highest level of aseptic safety. No human intervention is necessary. This minimizes the risks of contamination and errors. Also, automatic loading saves time and, therefore, money, as robotic loading makes the process faster and easier than ever before.

The Benefits of Automated Loading are

  • Compliance with GMP Annex 1
  • Minimization of contamination risks

  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Faster and easier process
Fully automated aseptic sensor placement by robot

Each sterilized sensor is checked for the correct vial size, identified, and recorded for accurate process repeatability and batch comparison. Automation software controls the fully automated aseptic sensor placement by robot to define the temperature measurement position on the shelves. The prepared vials with sensors are automatically loaded into the predefined critical positions.

Automatic sensor placement in Vials by Robot

Real-time temperature data is transmitted directly from the sensors to the SCADA system. This provides seamless measurement data for the entire lyophilization process. Digitized documentation enables complete data comparison over the whole product life cycle and ensures that design space parameters are maintained.

See how Automated Loading Works

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Sensor for real-time product temperature measurement

Sensor in Vial with Description
  • Real-time, battery-free and wireless

  • No heat input in product

  • Fits all primary packaging

Tempris fits all Primary Packaging

Five sensors for product temperature measurement inserted in Vials and one dual chamber syringe
  • Vials
  • Dual chamber cartridges DCC (Magazine)

  • Lyo Trays (metal or plastic)

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