Tempris Videos

Here, you can find a collection of videos that showcase the products and services offered by Tempris.

On this page, you can watch videos about the innovative solution of Tempris for product temperature measurement. See how the preparation of the sensors works and how they can be placed fully automated under aseptic conditions. The Tempris Video ‘Easify your lyo process’ shows the lyophilization process in detail with Tempris’ wireless temperature sensors and points out the benefits of the unique system.

Learn how to use the Tempris piercing tool to unite the sensors with a centering cross, antenna, and stopper. Watch the handling of Tempris tweezers to insert the sensors into the pre-prepared vials.

Or you can find out more about the challenge of product temperature measurement during freeze-drying. You can also view an in-booth presentation of Dr. Henning Gieseler about freeze-drying in general, lyo-cycles, product defects and quality, innovative product measurement approaches and a comparison between thermocouples and Tempris. We hope you enjoy exploring the videos on this page and learning more about Tempris and its products.

Easify Your Lyo Process

Benefits of Tempris system and a vial with inserted Tempris sensor with a play-button

Piercing Tool

Tempris Piercing tool with sensor, centering cross, antenna and stopper united with a play-button

The Challenge of Product Temperature Measurement During Freeze Drying: Traditional and Innovative Solutions

ACHEMA 2018 Tempris In-Booth Presentation, 13 June 2018 by Dr. Henning Gieseler

Part 1:
What is Freeze Drying?

Part 2:
Freeze Drying Cycles, Product Defects and Quality

Part 3:
Innovative Product Temperature Measurement Approaches

Part 4:
Comparison – Thermocouples vs. Tempris – Real Examples