Tempris – Temperature Measurement in Lyophilization

Real-time wireless sensor system without battery for product temperature measurement

Tempris was developed for lyophilization in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies and universities in Europe and the United States. The same Tempris sensors used in laboratory scale can be used in pilot and production freeze-dryers under cGMP guidelines to obtain directly comparable data.

Tempris is ideally suited for integration into aseptic automated fill/finish production lines.

Our innovative wireless technology, as a PAT-Tool, makes your production process cost efficient and time saving with high product quality. Tempris’ uninterrupted continuous process verification (CPV) guarantees reliable quality and optimum productivity.

We specifically designed Tempris temperature sensors for monitoring and optimization of freeze-drying processes. They have proven their reliability in many industrial and academic applications. Tempris sensors have a variety of advantages over other sensors measuring temperature in freeze drying.

Tempris Temperature Sensors in Vials
Tempris Lyophilization Monitor - Lyo-Cycle Temperature Profile

Tempris Video – Easify Your Lyo Process