Tempris Sterilization

We are developing Tempris measurement systems with wireless, battery-free sensors for real-time product temperature monitoring and the control of terminal sterilization processes for parenteral drugs and products such as:

  • liquid adjuvants for vaccines
  • oncology drugs
  • albumin and plasma proteins derived from blood
  • immunoglobulins
  • thrombolytics
  • parenteral nutrition products such as lipid emulsions

With the introduction of wireless Tempris sensors for real-time product temperature Tp monitoring in terminal sterilization, the limitations of wired sensors and dummy/reference loads can be overcome.

Using Tempris allows for:

  • temperature monitoring of the actual product instead of dummy/reference loads
  • temperature monitoring at identified hot & cold spots (HCS)
  • aseptic processing in clean/sterile areas
  • use of automatic loading systems

Our Tempris solutions for sterilization are developed in close cooperation with our customers. Based on our customers’ feedback, the main benefits of using the Tempris are:

  • reduced risk of batch rejects
  • reduced risk of equipment downtime
  • more efficient quality assurance (QA) and risk assessment (RA) for batch releases
  • increased overall productivity

Tempris systems can be used to monitor and control different types of sterilization processes:

  • saturated steam process
  • steam air mixture process
  • hot water shower process